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In the instances when POC say shit like ‘Oh I can’t stand white folk’ or ‘Damn white people’, they aren’t saying ‘Oh I think they are inferior, I want to humiliate them, abuse them, enslave them and wipe out their people!’, they’re saying ‘Damn, after a couple hundred years of white people thinking I’m inferior, humiliating me, abusing me, enslaving me, and trying to wipe out my people, I don’t wanna deal with them.’ The context is completely different.

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Also, if you have a friend or acquaintance who says they hate white people at you, or in your presence, that doesn’t mean a) they hate you too, or b) you’re a special snowflake who is exempt becuase you know a person of color. It means you’re a good friend and they know they can vent that in your general direction and you’re not going to be a shit-fuck and say ” but that’s not all white people.”

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A good ally isn’t going to get offended if you say “fucking white people”. A great ally will say say it with you.

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